Qui Vitality – Beauty Restoring Formula!

qui vitality creamHave the Most Captivating Eyes with Qui Vitality!

Your eyes can tell a lot about your personality and disposition. Do not let tired and puffy looking eyes stop you from making a good impression. Qui Vitality will keep your eyes fresh looking and youthful.


Qui Vitality breakthrough can do the following for your skin:

  • Lessens your wrinkles
  • Decreases puffiness and raccoon eyes
  • Keeps our skin firm and elastic
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Keeps your skin vitamin replenished
  • A shield against free radicals
  • Has cooling effects
  • Keeps the tightness of your skin

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How the Qui Vitality Serum Works

Enriched with Vitamin C, Qui Vitality works deeply into the eyes’ skin cells. Qui Vitality takes out blood pigments, which result to dark circles around the eyes. This quickly infiltrating, non-oily eye gel lifts, firms, and repairs the eyes’ sensitive skin as it restores the moisture lost due to stress and rapid aging process. With regular use of Qui Vitality, you can already notice its positive effects on your skin in just a few weeks.

The Simple Steps to Using Qui Vitality

With the numerous benefits of Qui Vitality, you may think it’s complicated to use. On the contrary, it only takes three simple steps to reap the beauty benefits of Qui Vitality. You can even apply it in the morning before putting on make-up and heading out to work, plus as a regimen before your sleep.

First, simply cleanse your face with warm water and a delicate cleanser. Gently pat your face with cloth. Second, put some Qui Vitality around your eyes. Third, wait for Qui Vitality to get fully absorbed by your skin.

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Tips in Maximizing the Positive Effects of Qui Vitality

Qui Vitality works best when paired with a couple of lifestyle changes. The skin around your eyes is similar to the skin on your face; only the previous area is much thinner and more sensitive. To see the sustaining and positive effects of Qui Vitality, perhaps you may try a radical lifestyle change. You can quit smoking.The nicotine found in cigarettes can constrict the veins around and under the eyes. This makes it difficult for any eye cream’s nutrients to get absorbed by the skin. Collagen breakdown gets slower as another effect.

More Tips when using Qui Vitality

When you are outdoors, always make sure to wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. They should protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and prevent them from hours of squinting which in turn results to wrinkles. Gently treat your eyes. Avoid harshly rubbing them as they are sensitive enough to get easily irritated.

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Try Qui Vitality cream and serum risk free limited time supply!

Qui Vitality is the answer to your tired eyes. Rest well, live a healthy lifestyle and regularly apply Qui Vitality. You can be sure your eyes will stay refreshed and you will look better than ever even after just 1 application of Qui Vitality!

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